Tapping Into The Body's Energy System

The Body's Energy

The body's energy system maintains the balance of the flow of your life force (energy) to every cell and every function of the human experience: mind, body and soul.

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"I am truly living my dream"

Amy's journey began as a daycare provider where she worked out of her home allowing her to raise her own children. After a decade in child care, she realized that this was not her true calling. Amy started taking natural health workshops and courses for her own healing and was soon helping her family and friends through health and life difficulties and transitioned from helping children be raised in a safe and healthy environment to helping people through natural health therapies.

"I am grateful for my many life lessons as I am now helping others through my own experiences."

Natural health therapies has changed Amy's life completely. Amy used numerous holistic methods and therapies to heal her own life was amazing how it helped and make her feel better both mentally and physically. It changed her entire outlook on life. The more therapies she learned about, the more she thirsted for more knowledge and abilities.

Amy's Philosophy of Natural Health Therapies

Your emotions and stresses create all your physical disharmony in your body.

Amy works at the root of the problem, enabling you to feel better physically and emotionally.

Amy is a mother of two handsome boys and resides in Haldimand County where she operates her business, Natural Health Therapies, full time.

"My goal is to help people the way that I have been helped."