Tapping Into The Body's Energy System

The Body's Energy

The body's energy system maintains the balance of the flow of your life force (energy) to every cell and every function of the human experience: mind, body and soul.

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Universal Contour Wraps

One Universal Contour Wrap typically reduces a combination of your vital statistics by 8-12 inches, with a guarantee that if you don’t lose at least six after your first full body wrap, there’s nothing to pay. And the minimum loss is guaranteed to last for at least 30 days or you'll be wrapped again free, provided you haven't put on weight. A course of three body wraps could help you lose up to a dress size in just three weeks.

“The slimming effect of the Universal Contour Wrap is evident immediately and spurs people on to start or maintain effective exercise and dieting regimes,” says Universal Contour Wrap’s Helen Hodgson. “As temperatures rise having that extra visible boost really helps.”

What is involved? After recording key body measurements at 18 points, clients are 'wrapped' in elasticated bandages which have been pre-soaked in a warm, sea clay and mineral solution. The wrap acts like a giant body mask, drawing out toxins and stimulating the body's natural waste disposal processes. The wrapping process sculpts the fatty areas of the body, while special wrapping techniques smooth hips, thighs and stomach, define the waist and lift the bust and bottom. The clay formula tightens flabby skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, improves skin tone and leaves the skin feeling luxuriously soft. The total inch loss is calculated by re-measuring at the points marked on the body at the start.