Tapping Into The Body's Energy System

The Body's Energy

The body's energy system maintains the balance of the flow of your life force (energy) to every cell and every function of the human experience: mind, body and soul.

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Eurowave is an instant specific inch loss. You take that part of your body you don't like and we make it disappear. How it works, it gently passes an electrical current through the muscle which stimulates it to contract and relax mimicking the action of you doing the ex cerise yourself at the gym. One 18 min session is equivalent to 200 sit ups so it's very effective very quickly.

There is a measurable difference after one session usually between 1"-3" and after a course of 10 sessions most clients lost 5"-7" in the area you need it.

As the muscle tone is real after a course of 10 sessions clients look and feel better, their core muscles are strengthened and even working out at the gym can be easier , making sustaining the results completely possible. After completing 10 sessions the results will stay off for 6-8 months doing no maintenance at all as long as your weight remains constant however If any type of maintenance is done the results are perminant, Making looking and feeling fabulous for everyone.


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