Tapping Into The Body's Energy System

The Body's Energy

The body's energy system maintains the balance of the flow of your life force (energy) to every cell and every function of the human experience: mind, body and soul.

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Express Contour Wrap

Our Express Body Wrap is a partial body treatment taking around 35 minutes.
  • Our Classic Clay Solution is applied to your chosen body area.
  • Bandages are then applied using specialist wrapping techniques.
  • You then relax for 30 minutes while the treatment gets to work.
  • After 30 minutes your bandages are removed.

Detox Therapy Massage Treatment

NEW DETOX RELAXING BODY TREATMENT Using our unique contour clay experience the ultimate pamper treatment with detoxification benefits!!

Universal Contour Wraps

One Universal Contour Wrap typically reduces a combination of your vital statistics by 8-12 inches, with a guarantee that if you don’t lose at least six after your first full body wrap, there’s nothing to pay. And the minimum loss is guaranteed to last for at least 30 days or you'll be wrapped again free, provided you haven't put on weight. A course of three body wraps could help you lose up to a dress size in just three weeks.

“The slimming effect of the Universal Contour Wrap is evident immediately and spurs people on to start or maintain effective exercise and dieting regimes,” says Universal Contour Wrap’s Helen Hodgson. “As temperatures rise having that extra visible boost really helps.”

What is involved? After recording key body measurements at 18 points, clients are 'wrapped' in elasticated bandages which have been pre-soaked in a warm, sea clay and mineral solution. The wrap acts like a giant body mask, drawing out toxins and stimulating the body's natural waste disposal processes. The wrapping process sculpts the fatty areas of the body, while special wrapping techniques smooth hips, thighs and stomach, define the waist and lift the bust and bottom. The clay formula tightens flabby skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, improves skin tone and leaves the skin feeling luxuriously soft. The total inch loss is calculated by re-measuring at the points marked on the body at the start.


Reiki energy flows through your practitioner to you as they place their hands inches above or direct touch on various parts of the body. The energy will work to release existing energy blocks and restore balance back in your body. Reiki is also effective for pain management, stress reduction, promote quicker healing among the body, relaxation and cleanses toxins.

Reiki originated in the late 1800's with a man named Mikao Usui's. Requesting for the gift of healing, it eventually brought him to Japanese Buddhist Monastery, where he found texts containing symbols for healing. Upon meditating for 21 days, he came to understand how these symbols worked and was gifted with a way to channel universal energy in the purpose of healing. This teaching has been passed down for generations.

Reiki is the universal life force energy of love. It is wisdom that comes from an all-knowing spiritual consciousness. The laws of the universe seek to restore it's natural state of perfection, where life force energy flows freely. During a treatment, Reiki helps to remove energy blocks and encourages the natural flow of energy. This healing can occur on any level- physical, emotional or spiritual. During a Reiki treatment, Reiki flows from your practitioner to you as the place their hands on various parts of the body. This energy will work to release existing energetic blocks so energy can flow freely to clean and feed every cell, and bring us in balance.

Acupressure (Self Help)

This gentle non-invasive therapy uses touch on certain points of the body to restore balance and release blockages in our energy flow. The body will continue making adjustments up to 48 hours following your session.

Acupressure originated in Japan.

There are 26 bilateral energy points in the body. If flow is interrupted, a point becomes congested and cannot nourish and cleanse. We hold by light touch congested points in a specific pattern to release the blockages. The energy from our hands sparks the body's energy system. Once the congested point is opened, the nourishing and cleansing flow can continue, and we will fell pulsation in our fingertips, signaling all is clear again.

Metamorphic Technique

This is a gentle massage of the feet, hands and head. It works to release energy blockages, helping to bring improvements at both a psychological and physical level.

This technique helps you release your emotions without actually talking about them

Metamorphic Technique (MT) was developed in the 1960's by naturopath and reflexologist Robert St. John. MT is a non-invasive, light touch along the spinal reflexes of the feet, hands and head. This feels as if your feet are ebing gently polished, sometimes tapped in certain places.

It is like a kind of massage- it works from the inside out, clearing away old emotional garbage to allow your energy to flow freely. After sessions people often notice immediate physical or emotional changes; transformation of some life patterns. This can take place on a subtle level so that is is hardly noticed by the conscious mind.

MT draws people who are suffering anguish, are fed up, feeling trapped in their lives and those who want change. It is particularly good for adults and children who have gone through hard divorces, abuse, trauma, or losses of family and/or friends. It is also good for people with additive personalities, because instead or destroying themselves with drink or drugs, MT boosts their self-esteem. It lets you release your emotions without actually talking about them.

Axiatonal Alignment

Light touch helps clear blockages from meridians. This procedure gives deep, profound relaxation, releasing emotional and physical stresses by opening and clearing blocked meridians.

Hot Stone Massage

Using heated basalt stones and hot essential oils, enjoy the deep relaxtion massage that melts away your knots and stresses. It also promotes harmony, Balance and peace among the body.

Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Detox is a safe non-evasive way to detox the body of toxins through a relaxing foot bath that helps with arthritic pain, joint pain, leg circulation, weight loss, yeast in the body and headaches.

As believed in reflexology, each foot is a channel, a conduit, through which your body attempts to cleanse itself of toxic wastes and heavy metals that are building up in many parts of your body. Your feet have 2000 pores in each, which allows toxins to exit your body into water.

The session involves filling the tub with clean water and adding sea salt, which is high in mineral content and is the conductor for the array to work by sending out an electromagnetic field. This results in the positive and negatively charge ions being circulated primarily via the lymphatic system and vital organs, bathing cells throughout the body, acting like magnets to attract the oppositely charged ions (positive) of toxins, heavy metals and cellular wastes. This breaks down the toxin

Eurowave Pro

Eurowave is an instant specific inch loss. You take that part of your body you don't like and we make it disappear. There is a measurable difference after one session usually between 1"-3" and after a course of 10 sessions most clients lost 5"-7" in the area you need it.

Sunlighten Infared Sauna

Helps with detoxification, pain relief, weight loss , lower blood pressure, improve circulation and skin purification.

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